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Wood Heaters


An open fireplace sends up to 80% of the fire’s heat up the chimney and depletes warm air from surrounding rooms. A lopi wood heater is more than five times as efficient as an open fireplace and distributes warm air throughout the home.


Lopi woodheaters distribute heat evenly with a five-sided convection chamber a standard feature with Lopi but expensive or unavailable in other brands. They are also easy to use with single controls to regulate heat output and standard bypass* dampers for smokeless startup and reloading.


Lopi has a wide range of sizes and options to fit your heating needs and living environment whether it be a freestanding or inbuilt model. Blowers are available ** for enhanced heat flow and you can pick your own doors, etched glass options and even different paint finishes where available. Ask you Lopi dealer for details.


Lopi 7 Year Warranty offers more protection on key components than the so-called “Lifetime" warranties of our competitors.

When purchased from your local Lopi specialist dealer we cover all electrical (blowers) for 2 years and all parts (with labour) for 5 years, and parts for an additional 2 years. Thats because Lopi builds stoves to last a lifetime.

* Bypass damper not available on Republic 1250i and Answer inbuilt

** Blower is a standard inclusion on all Flush Wood Inserts and Freedom Bay

We are now a dealer for Coonara Wood and Arrow Wood heaters.

Brand We use Blueshape
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